Paolo Coelho’s Quotes – Appropriate for a Wedding Card?

Paolo Coelho is known to write the most romantic passages. However, many of his novels could also have negative connotation on relationships. If you are choosing the right passage for your handmade wedding card, be cautious of the quotes that you want to include. If you need an uplifting message, you may want to check out the book “Manual of the Warrior of Light”. It is perfect for couples who have gone through trials during the premarital relationship. There are a lot of quotes in that book you can choose from. Actually, the book does not contain a novel but a compilation of quotes of wisdom collected by Coelho himself. Many of them you can also read in his other novels. Aside from using the “Manual of the Warrior of Light” for wedding cards, you can also opt to give it to the couple as a gift where you can write your personal message inside the flap of the book. It could serve as your wedding card – something that is unique and could stand out among all other gifts that the couple would receive.

Another great book where you can derive quotes from is the “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept”. Even though the novel has some sad moments, Coelho became famous through some passages from this book. Again, you should always think of what would be most suitable for the couple’s past experiences.

The novel “Valkyries” could be a good source of great quotes as well. It is mainly about women and their abilities but if you make a quick online search for famous passages from this book, you will be amazed with what you will find. You could also transform the passages and convert them into humorous lines for your wedding card.

Paolo Coelho is known for being open with his sentiments. He can convey his emotions very well without going overboard. You can never go wrong when you decide to quote him for your wedding card. The “Manual of the Warrior of Light” is one of his most famous collections of quotes. By merely browsing through its pages, you will definitely find something that you could use for your card. Other novels such as “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept” and the “Valkyries” are great sources too. Just be sure to choose the most suitable quote and the couple will definitely be touched by your thoughtful gesture.